A LEGACY is like a footprint, we take a step forward and we leave marks on our paths in hopes that people will follow and take note in the direction we are going. This is our LEGACY, we're making and leaving our marks in the world throughout our influences on music, art, fashion, and the culture from which we live in. We want people to remember us, therefore we must establish r.LEGACY.

INSTAGRAM: @rockedfeller

TWITTER: @rocKEDfeller

Instagram @rockedfeller

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Kedrick Walker [instagram] [website]

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The Perks Of Being A Wallflower | cc: @aniysathementalpoet

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Sexuality No.5 | cc: @aniysathementalpoet

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I have to make you fall in love with NYC in 3 days.

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I’ve found a muse. | cc: Keni @8flawless8

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NYFW is right around the corner, and Keni screams editorial. Network, Collaborate, and Shoot .. + he’s a makeup artist also. | cc: @8flawless8

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Why am I just getting into Elli Ingram?! Mad Love is so ugh ! <3